Black Belt Taekwondo

No pursuit outside of academic study is as productive in so many ways for a child as the study and practice of the martial arts.

Black Belt Taekwondo in Cape Coral will equip your child with countless invaluable tools that will prepare them for success in life. From the benefits and confidence that come with having a strong, fit body, to the mental tenacity, self-discipline and ability to maintain ones composure during challenging times, the martial arts can take a person’s human potential into the seemingly impossible.

While learning discipline, self-control, and respect, children work out and have fun while being instructed in martial arts and fitness. Simply put, there is no other physical endeavor as beneficial as the martial arts for the enrichment of a child’s future.

Once a student enrolls at Black Belt Taekwondo, they participate in a consistent and structured curriculum program. This program will be based upon building real skills through fun and exciting fundamental drills. Coordination, balance, and motor skills are carefully cultivated and nurtured by caring instructors. We believe self control and safety should be taught at a young age especially in today’s society. Through martial arts, one will develop focus and discipline which translates to all aspects of one’s life. Studies have proven that children who study martial arts excel academically. This program builds the foundation for meeting the requirements of Black Belt in the martial art of Taekwondo.  We also offer specific classes for families and adults.