Black Belt Taekwondo After School Program

The Perfect Alternative to Day Care!

For kids, martial arts are more than just fun. At Black Belt Taekwondo’s After School Program in Cape Coral, you’ll find an emphasis is placed on life lessons; building character, respect, courtesy, confidence, focus and concentration, and self-control. Just as these attributes will help young students in their martial arts practice, so too do they help them in other aspects of life, especially academics and social relationships. Armed with these skills, students are better prepared for all changes they may encounter as they begin their academic life, not to mention approach their teen years.

At Black Belt Taekwondo, kids’ programs are not only built for character development, but also martial arts proficiency and fun.

Black Belt Taekwondo’s after school program works as an extension of its regular classes/lessons. Participating students (ages 5-13) will first work on their studies, monitored by staff, prior to the daily martial arts classes.


With this week long program, parents can be assured of:

  • School bus transportation from Cape Coral schools

  • A structured program which will cover homework and martial arts practice

  • A safe and fun environment for their children

  • Peace of mind, knowing where their kids are after school until pickup


A typical day at Black Belt Taekwondo’s after school program includes:

  1. Arrive from school

  2. Snack time

  3. Homework time (academics first)

  4. Martial arts/Taekwondo class

  5. Organized  games until pickup

Note #3 on the list: Homework time.
This is an important point for parents and students. Know that although the after-school Taekwondo program is certainly fun for its students, it’s not only fun and games. Rather, the program stresses school work. Black Belt Taekwondo is truly invested in the academic progress of all its students. Again, the lessons learned in martial arts training are meant for all aspects of life – in particular, school.


Children routinely make great gains and benefits training on a 2 day a week basis. Think of what it will be on an every day basis.

Interested?  Black Belt Taekwondo’s’ After School Program is now enrolling for the 2023 school year. For kids, the focus is on studies and life skills development.  Fees are all-inclusive and note that there are no additional fees for students to attend on early-release days, employee-planning days, as well as winter and spring break!

Monthly or Weekly plans available

Call 257-2084 or Stop by Today – We fill up fast!